We reached our fundraising goal and the cot was delivered to St. Paul’s Hospital on October 29, 2015. We would like to thank all donors for their generous donations to make this happen! If you wish to support other fundraisers for Cuddle Cots, you can find a list at

We are currently raising money to purchase a Cuddle Cot for St. Paul’s Hospital. This cot helps parents spend more time with their babies. Essentially, it is a cooling blanket that can go into a bassinet and helps keep parents and baby together in the room.

Cuddle CotWe started the fundraiser on Tobias’ second birthday in December 2014 and decided to donate the cot to St. Paul’s Hospital where our son Tobias was stillborn and where our daughter Thea has been born. We received wonderful support from the team for both births.

We know how important that time in the hospital has been for our grieving process and it feels right to try to give the gift of time to parents who might have to face a similar tragedy.