Did you know that May 4-10 was National Hospice Palliative Care Week and May 12-18 was International Nursing Week? These events made me realize that I often write about topics that cover what is not working and that I might too rarely speak about any positive experiences. One of the reasons probably is that two of our children died and it is hard to think of anything positive in that context. How could anything positive be related to the death of my children? It is simply an uncomfortable and unacceptable thought for me personally. I don’t believe in fate or the idea that there might be a reason for the death of my children that I simply might not be able to understand. Granted, if our children hadn’t died, we would not have started our blog, the BCCSN network or the October 15 website which might help others in their journey. We do all of these things in memory of our children, but I don’t want to think about it as fate.

Anyway, despite these thoughts I have to say that we met many wonderful people on our journey. We just wish we would have met them under different circumstances. This includes many people that freely have given so much of themselves – not only their time, but their tears and support during some of our most difficult times. Many friendships have become much deeper connections and some close new friendships have formed. My wife and I feel very grateful to the people who have supported us in the past few years. We don’t take your presence in our lives for granted and we thank you wholeheartedly for having stood by our side. We learned a lot as well – about life, what is important in life, appreciation of moments, relationships and us.

During the same time many health care professionals have touched our lives. We have met a lot of nurses, doctors, social workers, counselors, therapists, grief workers and chaplains over the past four years and our three pregnancies. Unfortunately, during traumatic events our brains don’t always work very well. I don’t remember all of these interactions. Sometimes I only vaguely remember a face of a person, but I do remember a remark or support that we received. It is very sad and embarrassing to think that I might walk past a nurse on the street who has cared for us without recognizing her. Often I might not even recall the name which makes it very hard to come up with a list of people to thank, but I will try anyway. Please forgive me if I have not listed your name.

Eric, Pip, Kerry, Laura, Paulette, Bridie, Doreen, Helga, Amy, Roman, Robin, Kate, Carole, Camille, Erika, Jacquie, Bev, Louise, Pauline, Liz, Shelley, Kate, Karen, Ethel, Hilda, Allysa, Rob, Peter, Brian, Nancy, Megan, Barra, John, Tom, the amazing people from the Pumpkin Seeds and many more.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your support, compassion and empathy has helped us tremendously.

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