Home and Alive

It has been quiet on our blog for some time. And there is a very good reason for it. My wife and I were pregnant again with our third child. It has been an intense time with so many different emotions mixed together that it is hard to describe. The most common feeling, especially after 33 weeks of gestation, was fear and panic. We kept the pregnancy very low key because we wanted to avoid all the fuss people make about pregnant women. For everyone it is a reason to celebrate, be happy, congratulations, baby showers and so on. However, we could not get to this worry-free feeling because we could not really be confident and believe in a positive outcome. There was always doubt and “what if”. We saw all the things that could go wrong again. People would tell us we should enjoy the pregnancy and be excited about our child. And we certainly were, but in a different way. We are so grateful that we have been given this chance and we were and are very excited, but cautiously because we don’t take her for granted. We value every minute we have together.

Thea was born on March 27 and we were finally able to bring her home after some close monitoring in the hospital on April 5. She is the little sister to her two older brothers Marlon and Tobias who should have been excited with us to welcome her to our family.

Help break the silence!