Make a Wish

Today I spent some time on the website of the Make a Wish foundation. They have recently received some major press coverage with some of their wishes, in particular BatKid. We know a couple of families who benefited from their services as well and I wanted to learn more about them.

A few hours later I have read a lot of stories about children and their wishes. Some of them made me very emotional and feeling inspired at the same time. It is absolutely incredible that children as young as 4 years of age who suffer from some terrible illness wish to help others when they could have made a wish for anything really. When I think back to my childhood I don’t think I might have been that altruistic. In fact, I am sure I would not have been. And there is nothing wrong with children having other wishes. These stories might be more the exception than the rule which is likely why I find it inspiring.

I read about Lauren who delivered bunny blankets to other sick children, Jordan who wanted a lawnmower to help his elderly neighbors care for their garden, Robin who became the boss of the ice cream man for a day to give free treats to kids and Ben who wanted to develop a video game to help other kids fight back against cancer. How awesome is that?

I wish everyone would be like these kids. The world would be a much better place.

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